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Create Automated UI Test Cases in under 5 Minutes

Learn how your upcoming guests have behaved in past properties

Darknore is a test automation tool that uses AI to create, update, and run your team's UIĀ automated tests. Allowing your team to focus on shipping new features instead of writing tests.
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How Does It Work?
Build automated tests 100X faster and spend 70% less time maintaining them!
  • Provide the website URL
  • Darknore creates automated end to end tests for your product
  • Select the tests you'd like to save and run
  • Receive a test report (with recordings) for all of those tests, run
    across multiple devices
What can you test?



Cover both cross-browser and cross-platform scenarios within a single test.
Coming soon!

Automated Test Case Creation

Darknore uses AI to create automated end-to-end tests for your product in 5 minutes or less.

Test Case Maintenance

Darknore's AI software monitors your product. When you make changes, it automatically updates your old tests and creates new tests to test your new features.

Run Your Tests

Darknore runs your tests in the cloud and you can connect these tests to LambdaTest or Browserstack to run them on several different devices.
Darknore's tool easily works with your existing tools like Jira, Testrail, and more, so you can effortlessly keep track of the tests we've set up for you. You can also link Darknore's tests to your current CI/CD pipelines, including CircleCI and Gitlab.


Chis Anen
CEO/CTO of B School
"Working with Darknore was a very pleasing experience. They throughly went over our application and provided a detailed breakdown of bugs they saw and the expected outcome. I know when launching a product you can only make a first impression once, so I highly recommend other platforms to utilize Darknore to ensure a great product experience for your users!"
CTO of DriveWealth
"Darknore saves us over 10 hours each sprint by creating, maintaining, and running our end to end tests."

You will spend less time creating tests and more time creating features.

You will have your tests automatically maintained by Darknore.

You will get to 90% test coverage in a few weeks.

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